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Yannay and Daniela – Open Water Dive Certified!

Oct 10, 2012   //   by Eva   //   Blog, Polynesia, Videos  //  Comments Off

10th Oct 2012

Cook Island Divers award Yannay (14) and Daniela (12) open water PADI scuba diving certification. Asked how he felt on receiving certification Yannay said “Huh?” Asked how she felt, Daniela smiled. Only their father made great whooping noises. Even the dive instructor was muted.

Arrival in Rarotonga

Oct 8, 2012   //   by Eva   //   Blog, Polynesia  //  Comments Off

Oct. 7th, we arrived in Roratonga. Equipped only with carry-ons we went straight on a mini tour exploring the island. There are only two public bus routes on the Island, one named  “clockwise” and the other “counter clockwise” for their direction of travel. To reach our hotel we would take the counterclockwise bus,hence we took the one going the opposite direction of our house to see more of the island. The one main street that goes around the island and follows the beach is ruled by Vespas and farm-animals. Coconut and Papaya trees are everywhere. (two interesting facts: 1. the polynesian tradition is to burry the placenta of a newborn  and plant a fruit tree on top. The placenta is to nourish the tree and the tree is to nourish the child. 2. The houses are not allowed to be built higher then the tallest tree on a property, therefore there are no tall houses on the island)

Field Trip to Royal BC Museum

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