South Pacific Island Life and Biome

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South Pacific

1. Investigate origin of peoples and the populating of the south pacific. (presentation 3 – 6 pages) use photos and illustrations. (19 and 20 Sept ) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

2. What is El Nino, La Nino? (up to one page essay on each) (23 Sept) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

3. Extreme Islands of the South Pacific: McQuarie Island, Galapagos, Easter Island (Rapa Nui) , Hawaii (Ocean of Islands). Video and Discussion. What are they famous for: (points) (30 Sept ?)

4. Coral Reefs: what is coral, where is it found, enemies, allies, marine life of south pacific. (Choose 3 photos and explain verbally) (by the 27th Sept) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

5. The Coconut. List the uses of the coconut and show photos or illustrations of uses. (24 Sept ) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

6. View the BBC Video Fragile Paradise (take the quiz) (28 Sept )

7. View the BBC Video Ocean of Volcanoes (life on volcanoes) (take the quiz) ( 28 Sept )

8. Choose a topic for making and editing a 3min video in South Pacific Islands


1. (10min)


4. Read:


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