The Tea Appreciation Class

Dec 6, 2012   //   by Daniela   //   Blog, Daniela, Hong Kong  //  2 Comments

In Hong Kong we took part in a tea appreciation class which teaches you about Chinese tea how to prepare it (the right way) and it’s history. Tea is very healing and can be detoxifying. There is a legend that a person ate leaves to find their uses and teach the people about them. One day he ate around 70 toxic leaves, then almost dead he saw a tea plant ate it and was completely healed. Chinese teas all come from the same leaf. The different teas are just different fermentations. Here is a table of the different teas and the fermentation. The name is the colour of the leaf before it is made in into tea.

Avia preparing “Oolong” tea



  • I highly recommend the Tung-Ting Oolong.
    Your feed-back is appreciated!

    • Tried it. Prefer the Wing Ham Dung Lap. It tickles lightly as it goes down.
      Don’t like the Durian tea so much.