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Bali is very different from anything the kids and I had experienced ever before. From Denpassar to Sanur. The heat and humidity,  people offering their services, money changers, taxis and travel agents, statues, temples, colours, offerings, dust. Traffic is crazy, with narrow streets, swarms of motorbikes and no obvious rules except to avoid the other vehicles. We took a taxi to Sanur, a very busy town, where we stay for 2 days until continuing to Permuteran, a place off the beaten track (for me in many ways, -I fell at night into one of the ditches running along all the streets. ) Permuteran was lovely – rural, with a lot of tradition and a spectacular underwater world.
Ubud was different again, very busy, shops, restaurants and temples and endless rice fields. In a beautiful place just outside of town, we learned to live with giant (4 inch) spiders, frogs, geckos and Dani’s absolute favourites – giant praying mantises. We were lucky to be there for the holiday of the new moon, seeing the parades, with beautiful costumes and music.

Now we are in Amed. It is very quite here and there are no rice fields. It seems that except for tourism, there is no income for people. We are staying  in a simple but lovely homestay with a pool, but our next door neighbours are living with the pigs and chicken in the same house.  And many Balinese are still washing themselves and their laundry in the ditches. A very humbling experience.
Bali is a very difficult place to live for local Balinese and we are reminded every day how lucky we are.


  • Incredible experience for all of you…

  • Happy u guys are having a good time!:)
    Were missing u all tons from isreal!

    • We miss you too. See you very very soon!!!

  • Got any pics of the praying mantises? I saw one once but would love to see more.

    • We didn’t take pictures. We were glad to get it out of our room. The frog and the spider came on Shabbat, so we have no real proof of our visitors and roommates. But believe me some of them were creepy.

  • Sounds very exciting and exotic !

    • Yes it really was! Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!

  • Sounds amazing Eva!!! Missing you very much from Vancouver!! Xoxo

  • Hi Eva
    Looks like you are having an incredible time. i hope you alll have a wonderful Kosher le Pesach in Isreal . Thinking of you all. please send love to your kids

    • Hope you are also having wonderful remaining holidays. I am sure it feels very clean and pessachy to celebrate in the new kitchen. Lots of Love from all of us.