My first massage lesson

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My first massage lesson took place in Ubud, Bali on November 16, 2012. I got taught in a spa called Sang Spa by a woman named Juni for almost six hours straight. The lesson started at 10am and ended at 4:30 with a half an hour break at 1 after learning for 3 hours straight.

When I arrived at the spa at 10, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what kind of massage I’d learn and I didn’t know how they’d teach me. I thought they’d first teach me theory (what muscle is where and stuff) but they said to go into a room and in that room was a person lying on a massage table with a sarong on them. Then the lesson started. Juni started demonstrating how to do the massage and at the beginning it was very awkward for me and I didn’t think I’d enjoy it because the massage included the gudius maximus (scientific word for bottom). After about 15-30 minutes of the lesson I got used to the giving the massage and enjoyed it a lot. Not even ants covering my food could destroy the fun.

After the six hours were over, I sat at the front of the spa waiting for my dad to pick me up and when he came he videoed them giving me my certificate. I am now certified to provide Balinese massage.  It was a lot of fun but I don’t know how I’m going to remember how to do the massage because I don’t know who to do it on.

Video 1: watch the first 2:50 mins.

Video 2:



  • Waiting for my massage in capetown!;)

    • Everything’s prepared! (Well, almost everything) I’ll be ready and prepared by the time you get here! I hope you enjoy it.

  • Yannay you must have many limbs and bottoms and backs to massage while you’re cycling in Viet Nam!

    • Unfortunately (and surprisingly) not. Nobody asked me :( . Hopefully I’ll get asked soon and then I can give them one. I’m available!!

  • He gives a good massage. I can now attest.