Releasing turtles

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Pemuteran, Bali

On November 7th, 2012 at around 9:30am I, with both my sisters, released three adorable three month old Olive Ridley turtles into the sea. Each one of us chose a name for our turtle and released it out into the open sea.

First, before you released your turtle, you could choose which one you wanted to release. The turtles were kept in tubs of water and were sorted out into groups. One tub for two week old turtles, one for 1 month old turtles, one for two month old turtles and three for three month old turtles. Each tub had several turtles in it but you could only choose one of the three year old turtles to free. There was also a sandpit where the turtle eggs were kept. We (my sisters and I), each chose a turtle to release and went down to the beach with them in our hands. Then, when we were at the beach we walked toward the water and stopped about half a meter from the it. From there, we gently put the turtles on the sand and let them go into the sea. I released mine first, Daniela was second and the refusing Avia, was third. She wanted to keep hers as a pet. Each one of us followed our turtles in the sea for about ten meters watching it swim and then let it go on. They were so cute!

VIDEO  – to be added.

David Adds: There are five species of turtle in Indonesia, each endangered. Turtles and their eggs are used by locals for food, ritual and tourist souvenirs. The Reef Seen Turtle Hatchery Project in Pemuteran purchases turtles and their eggs from locals and fisherman in an effort to conserve them. Most of the effort of the turtle hatchery goes to educating locals on the value of sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

The local fisherman and villagers now make more money by selling turtle eggs to the project than to the market. As one turtle can lay 150 eggs, this is quite profitable for locals. As a result the local fishing industry has mandated that anyone catching a turtle should bring it to the hatchery.

The hatchery raises the turtle from egg to three month.Their opinion is that a three month turtle has more chance for survival than a newborn. Turtles breed at age 19. This project is 20 years old. The three turtles that Yannay, Daniela and Avia released are thought to be the offspring of the initial intake of eggs and caught turtles. DIvers report an increase in turtle sitings in the area. The project was founded by Chris Brown, the owner of a local dive shop.

Two week old turtles resemble little bath time turtle toys.


  • Thank you for the beautiful wood from Tahiti. We are currently using it for firewood to heat the office because it’s so cold. Please send a return address so we can send you some Vancouver rain.


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    • Excellent comment. No more wood coming but you may receive a bag of rice and some water. Boil the water to make sure that no pathogens remain. You may want to add some iodine to purify. Tastes not so good. Then add the rice, but before doing so search for little insects. Spray yourself with 100% DEET before opening the rice as a mosquito may be hiding within. Enjoy your meal. Then have some more rice. And some more later. If you feel hungry later, have some rice. If you need strength to work a full day, have some more rice. When biking, take some rice along. Place some dry rice in a bamboo pole and close the bamboo at both ends. Turn the bamboo on its head. The great thing is it makes the sound of rain. Beautiful.
      From: hot, sticky and full of rice.

  • Please send us some footage of Ebu Gogo which we’re all eagerly anticipating.
    Also please remember that sambal has ground shrimp in it so is definitively non-kosher.
    Lastly, wearing a sarong in Indonesia is perfectly acceptable – David needn’t feel self conscious; so just go for it!

    • David is out shopping for yet another sarong. Ever since he read your mail he’s gone crazy for the sarong. He wears two or three at a time. Sometimes he wraps himself completely in them and looks like a mummy. Please send him an email to impose some restraint. BTW photos of Ebu Gogo coming. Love Eva.

  • Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure with words, photos and video. Looks like you guys are having the time of your life….enjoy every minute and continue posting. We miss you in Vancouver but happy we could at least see you via your website. Hugs from Vancouver

    • All excellent, just no scones in sight. Unbelievable!

  • Thanks for the very interesting reporting from all around. I am really enjoying it. Trying to translate it to Julika.

    Wish you all a save trip.

    Looking forward ýour next report.

    byby Vera

    • Vera, thank you for commenting and especially for translating! Love, Eva.

  • We see you have a wonderful trip. After when you will be finished, you can write an interesting guidebook for your friend.
    You are very happy and lucky family and we hope it will be during a long time.
    We wish you nice days on your travel around the world.
    We love you:
    Julika and Esther

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    • Thank you. We are looking forward to seeing you. The kids are often speaking about how much they can’t wait being with you.
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  • Okay, so we are also very much looking for all of you to come and visti Vienna!! It seems that when we were all in Vancouver, you seemed to spend plenty of time here, unlike lately:)
    Apart of the issue with synchronicity I am greatly enjoying the blog!!!!!

    • We will even come all the way to Hungary. You might still regret to have complained. Of cause we would also love to see you in Vienna. And as for synchronicity – more skype efforts coming as soon as I get a long enough turn on the computer.