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The greatest part of being on a boat is being able to move around and being able to enjoy the best of all islands without having to leave your home.  And Olivier -the captain on the catamaran was amazing not only at moving us to the right places.  He took us to all his favourite spots – to the sharks and the rays and the beautiful coral gardens. But also giving Yannay knot tying and sailing lessons and teaching us about the sea life and the polynasian culture.


  • I was wondering how you are traveling. Is the yacht booked for a large part of your journey? How will you get around once you reach mainland? We love the videos, by the way. Everything looks so sunny and beautiful!

    • We had the Catamaran only for the one week in the Polynesian Islands.that way we were able to travel between the islands. Now we are traveling by plane, taxis, buses, bike, horse, elephant and foot. Depending in the places we go to. It makes us feel very adventurous.

  • Olivier!! Captain!!! You dont need him. Send him packing! Make him walk the plank. You need a captain?…here I am. Captain Chaim, will work for sea shells…and a little chumus, a place to sleep and a glass of wine once in a while.
    Heres my CV:
    Extensive sailing in; Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific.
    Accomplished in; Navigation, Photo Ops, Storm Handling, suntanning on deck in harbour, and all around chillin’.
    Peripheral abilities; massaging female deck hands, ok ok the boat charterer too, eggplant salad maker and looking confident for the cameras.

    • I think we may have a position for you on a fishing boat in Jemeluk Bay. Do you speak Indonesian.