How to feel a stingray for as long as you want to

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If you want to feel a stingray, all you need to do is follow these important steps.

#1 Get in the 1 meter deep water

#2 Take some fish into your hand

#3 Throw some of the fish into the water next to you to make them realize that you have food in your hand (let them come to you, don’t chase them.)

#4 They’ll come at you because they know you have food with you and want it

#5 While some come at you, but before they start to push you over with their nose, feel their topside with one hand while restraining them with the other one. To restrain them, push their noses away from you. If their topside partially exits the water trying to get the food you will also be able to grab their nose and pull them a bit more out of the water. Doing this, you will be able to kiss them (as our captain Oliver and later I, kindly demonstrated) They are really quite nice and cuddly when you get to know them.

Be careful when they start to come at you. If 2-3 come at you you’ll be fine but if 5-6 of them come to you they may push you over making your feet leave the ocean floor and you should ALWAYS have your feet on the ocean floor. If they leave the ocean floor for one reason or another be careful not to step on a stingray’s tail while regaining your footing. A stingrays tail is unpleasant to touch and could easily cut you so try to avoid touching it. And as a side note, the tail is extremly poisonous but only when it is mad or scared.

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