What a stingray feels like

Oct 15, 2012   //   by Avia   //   Avia, Blog, Polynesia  //  4 Comments

14th October 2012. By Avia Kaplan, Bora Bora

Its nose is squishy, smooth and soft.  Its wings aslo feel squishy and soft. The fin tips are hard and rough. Its back is also hard and rough. The Captain held it and I touched it. The first time I touched its nose, then I touched its back and its wings.



  • and what does the sting feel like? No, don’t check

    • Unfortunately we did try. The tail feels painful. Luckily it didn’t draw blood. But the coral did. The local remedy is lemon juice to kill the coal and stop it attaching to your bone.

  • Hi Avia – I miss you so much. I wish you would come back. Is it nice and warm where you are? I saved up all my money and bought an iPod nano. It is dark green. It’s sad having your best friend go away for a year. Please send me your news and pictures. Love Jamiexxxxxooooo I miss you

    • Dear Jamie,
      It is warm in this place (Australia, Sydney) and I miss you too so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed talking got you on Skype. Let’s do it again. Your I pod is really great. I went to the Opera, but the ending was just so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madame Butterfly killed herself. I sent you a postcard from Tahiti and will have another one soon. Love you, Avia do do doodoodoooo do do dun dun dun duuuuuuuun