Pisa photo-shoot

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When we went to Pisa, we went to the leaning tower of Pisa. Everyone there put their hands out and pretended to lean against it. My dad asked us before hand to think of something different to do. The day came that we all went to Pisa. It was a long drive, but we finally got there. We didn’t go straight to the tower, first we went to find somewhere to eat. The tower was in view. After lunch we went to the tower. We went to a very green spot. We did Yannay’s idea first. Yannay’s idea was: Yannay and me leaning on the tower while reading a book.












After that it was my dad’s turn











Then came my turn. I did:

taking a bite of a cake

taking a bite of a cake












Then it was my mom’s turn. She did:

Us all except my dad in a line beside each other not in front or behind and leaning against it. It did not work.

So we tried other poses:
















I had another idea, but we  were leaving.

Afterwards we went opposite  the restaurant that we ate at. It was a Gelateria (ice cream) but there were crepes, so me and Daniela ate crepes.

This is my drawing of a randomly coloured leaning tower of Pisa.




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