Good Morning Suzi

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Around 100 CE Ephesus was one of Rome’s most important cities.

It’s most outstanding characteristic, as far as we are concerned, is its sewage system and public latrine (toilet). It was a unisex latrine under and through which a flushing river ran.

A rainy morning in April 100 CE. Suzi, on her way to work stops in at the latrine. In the midst of doing what she came there to do, Yan walks in and sits down on the latrine beside her.

“Good Morning, Suzi (brrrt)”

“Good Morning, Yan.”

“Pity it’s raining.”

“Yes luckily (brrt) the latrine has a roof.”

“Sounds like you had a rough night.” ….




















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BTW it was a harbor city. Today the closest sea is 6km away. Sea levels were higher then than they are today.

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