Exam: South East Asian Religion and Geography

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This test was taken by Yannay and Daniela. Grade A+.


1. Describe the design of the Myanmar Buddhist stupa pictured below especially the symbols of Buddhism. (South East Asia Review Test – click on the link and scroll down to see the picture of the stupa.)

2. Who was the Buddah? In point form (no more than 7 points) describe his life story – birth, childhood, adulthood?

3. How do Buddhists view life?

4. What is the main objective of life for a Buddhist?

5. What is the main objective of life for a Taoist?

6. How do you achieve the Buddhist objective?

7. How do you achieve the Taoist objective?

8. Describe how a monk’s life meets the requirements of a Buddhist life.

9. What are some main differences between Theravada and Mahayana (Pure Land) Buddhism.

10. What is Chi?

11. What is Feng Shui?

12. What is Ancestor Worship? And how is it practiced in South East Asia (What have you seen)?

13. What is Animism?

14. What are the main three Hindu Gods and what is each one’s role?

15. What are Hindu Castes?  Name them.  What caste did Swastika belong to?

16. Name the main Hindu symbols and their meanings.

17. Symbolism of incense in Chinese temples.

18. Purity and Impurity in Hinduism – bonus


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