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Halong Bay

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Hanoi bustling with life. I loved the streets of the old town, each one specializing in a different trade. There is the optometrists street, the florists street, the artists street and many more.










at an old traditional concert we tried to play
unusual instruments




Tam Coc

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Alongside Tam Coc is a river which runs between flooded rice fields. Large limestone hills jut out of the earth and sometimes form tunnels over the river. The experience is very managed. After driving from Hanoi for two hours through villages in which people live above and behind their shop front or workshop you arrive at a large gate, like the arc de triumph. Between the gate and the river shops and tourist restaurants line the street. At the river’s edge you are shuffled into an awaiting row boat. A farm woman rows the boat with her legs. This is additional income for local farmers. Along the way she offers items for sale. It is a beautiful area.

Finally reunited in Hanoi

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Vietnam’s Tube houses developed in the Le dynasty to fit as many shop fronts as possible in a street. The houses are often only 2 metres wide and sometimes 80 metres long and are now called rocket buildings since they were still confined by the original land area, but expanded into hight.

adventure in the air

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After spending some quality time in the Hong Kong airport due to Visa issues, missed planes and mainly lack of communication, we finally made it to an aeroplane, where two men started a very polite fight which kept us for an other two hours in a rioting plane.  

Hanoi, one of the best cities I have visited

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stuck in Hong Kong

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Instead of traveling we were playing “Hundred places to visit before you die”.

-Sylvie and Russel you are fantastic hosts even when you are not here. We are forever in your debt, Eva

body worlds

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…..the “cycle of life” It is amazing!

St. James

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