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Origin of Oceanian People

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Origin of Oceanean People

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The Coconut

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The Coconut and its uses- By: Yannay Kaplan

The coir is the husk of the coconut and can be used in a surprisingly large number of ways like in rope and yarn, in aquarium filters, soundproofing, heat insulation, brushes, mattresses, rugs and carpets.
Copra is the inside of the coconut, commonly called the meat of the coconut. The copra is used as fodder for horses and cattle because its high oil levels and protein are fattening for stock but what makes the meat so popular is that it is the maker or producer of both coconut oil and coconut milk.
There are hundreds uses of coconut oil and more and more are being found each year. Coconut oil can be used as a healing agent, for cooking and even for beauty! The oil can help heal bug bites and burns, is in hair conditioner, make up remover, deodorant and eye cream, and helps lung function, nausea, nose bleeds, cholesterol, chronic fatigue, cystic fibrosis, depression, head lice, HIV, liver and lung disease, ear infections, hives and pink eye. The coconuts oil is a very unique thing with many uses.


Coconut milk can be used for some of the same things as coconut oil and can even sometimes be substituted. The milk of a coconut doesn’t have as many uses as the oil but is still useful to have. Coconut milk is, like coconut oil, made from the copra and is a wonderful ingredient to use in food. From it you can create main dishes to desserts and is also used in bubble baths to make your skin softer. The milk of the coconut is also a great hair softener, and dandruff remover.

Coconut water is the liquid inside the coconut which is sometimes confused as coconut milk. The water helps people who suffer from dehydration related to diarrhea and exercise and aids the body fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS. Coconut water is also used in blood transfusion instead of plasma, boosts immune system, controls vomiting, and raises your metabolism. The water is only found in young coconuts and is replaced by the meat when the coconuts mature.




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South Pacific Islands

Mon 8th 10am – Visit Cook Islands Cultural Village

Tues 9th and 10th – Dive course Roratonga, Cook Islands

Fri 12th – 19th Sail catamaran between Ruahine, French Polynesia and Bora Bora

Dive Bora Bora

Horseride on Huahine Island, French Polynesia

20th Explain what the International Date Line is. (One page essay. Mention Greenwich Mean Time and it’s history)

21st Cross the International Date Line  (travel one day forward in time).

Auckland, NZ

23rd  – Tour Auckland Zoo

Edit your video see item 9 in Sept.



25th Discover Katoomba and Leura by bike

26th Abseil and bushwalk the Blue Mountain Area west of Sydney. Katoomba

28th Visit Featherdale Wildlife Park and Murru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Center.

Read Australian Author Tim Winton – Cloud St (1991).

                                                              Watch 7 part video. geography of Australia

 Do some math and science.

Visit Sydney Aquarium

Snorkel Shelley Beach

Biomes of the World

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Click here to view: Biomes grade7

Some uses of the coconut

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Explaining El Nino and La Nino

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Warm water is at the top of the ocean and cold water is at the below it. Usually wind  blows from Peru to Indonesia and pushes  the warm water away. Therefore no rain falls near Peru because all the warm water has been pushed west. When El Nino happens no wind pushes the warm water west. This means it rains in Peru when it is not supposed to.

When the wind blows harder than usual from Peru to Indonesia to pushes the warm water further west than normal from Peru to Indonesia. Causing intense rain in South West Asia.

Pictures from Arvind Tirkey,

Fantastic Chocolate Presentation

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Click here to see: I love junk food

Field Trip to Royal BC Museum

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Biomes of the World Presentation

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Click here for  Yannay’s Biomes Project