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Sting rays

Nov 6, 2012   //   by Eva   //   Blog, Polynesia, Videos  //  19 Comments

I think this was not properly uploaded before.

little movie starring the Bora Bora Sharks

Nov 6, 2012   //   by Eva   //   Blog, Polynesia, Videos  //  13 Comments

Thank you Ralph for introducing me to the go pro and teaching me the secrets (- not to make my clips 2 hours long)

What scares Daniela? It’s not a shark or a stingray.

Oct 19, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Polynesia  //  1 Comment

Surrounded on all sides by the dreaded needle fish, Daniela strenghtened her resolve; searching for any gap between the fish, she swam for an opening. Whew, made it.

The needle fish is a little, transparent, sardine like fish with a pointed nose.

Editor Comment: Daniela reminded me that they do resemble mini barracuda, which we agree can be agressive.

Huahine and Taha

Oct 19, 2012   //   by Eva   //   Blog, Polynesia, Videos  //  Comments Off

The Polyiasian islands -what an experience. After Borra-Borra  we anchored outside of Huahine and Tahaa. During the day we took the Dingy to beautiful places and in the early mornings and at night we dove of the boat. The sea life is unbelievable.



Captain’s Log: Botany Tour of French Polynesia

Oct 15, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Polynesia  //  Comments Off

16th October 2012

Daniela’s Photo essay to follow

1. Coconut – many uses. See Yannay and Daniela’s projects. Also leaves used for roofing.

2. Taro – a root like a potato. High in calcium which it is claimed by the locals is why they are big boned. Also claimed by some that Taro was plentiful in Asia until replaced by rice which grew as a weed among the Taro. Leaves are used like spinach.

3. Vanilla – a type of orchid. Grow on a vine. Imported from Mexico and pollinated by hand.  Tahiti now a major producer of vanilla essence. All hand pollinated. Very labour intensive.

4. Rosewood – excellent for turning. Uses from fruit bowls to boats. The fruit has a yellow colorant for nail polish or used to die cloth.

5. Tamanu – the oil soothes itches, rashes, sunburn and other skin conditions.

6. Traveller Tree – contains up to 2 liters of water

7. Longi Longi – the perfume of this flower is used in high end perfumes and not surprisingly has a familiar smell.

8. Hybiscus – multiple uses (see video) ropes, hoola skirts, floss, string, aluminum foil, toilet paper. The flower is yellow in the morning, turns red by the afternoon and falls off the tree.

9. Lemon Grass – mixed with palm oil it keeps mosquitoes at bay.

10. Drum Tree (see video) found along rivers and used as a drum to communicate with others up and down the river.

11. Wild Basil – used as a n antiseptic, it numbs the mouth.

12. Papaya

13. Banana

14. Wild Passion Flower – does nothing.

15. Mango

16. Gardenia – is worn behind the ear to indicate whether you are available for a relationship or not.

17. Breadfruit – beautiful tree.


Plants arrived in French Polynesia carried by the jet stream (about 50) by sea (about 200) through bird droppings (about 700) by boat from Philippines/Indonesia  brought by Polynesians  and later by Europeans. Altogether about 2800 of which we can recall 17.


Here are a few of the 2800 whose names we couldn’t recall.

What a stingray feels like

Oct 15, 2012   //   by Avia   //   Avia, Blog, Polynesia  //  4 Comments

14th October 2012. By Avia Kaplan, Bora Bora

Its nose is squishy, smooth and soft.  Its wings aslo feel squishy and soft. The fin tips are hard and rough. Its back is also hard and rough. The Captain held it and I touched it. The first time I touched its nose, then I touched its back and its wings.


If you look like a stingray, Yannay will kiss you.

Oct 15, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Polynesia  //  2 Comments

Oct 14th, 2012, Bora Bora

Today, a sunny afternoon in Bora Bora, Yannay was swamped by adoring stingrays. He kissed more than one.

Photos to follow.

Early morning snorkeling among Eagle Rays.

Oct 14, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Polynesia  //  Comments Off

14th October 2012, Fitiiu Point, Bora Bora

Yannay grabs the fin and rides a passing lemon shark as we snorkel with lemon and black tip shark. Not one, many.

Oct 14, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Polynesia  //  Comments Off

13th Oct 2012 – Tapu, Bora Bora

Clear waters to 30 meters. Many shark. Unbelievable. Photos to come.

Avia’s first ever snorkel, Coral Gardens, Bora Bora. Attacked by a Moray Eel.

Oct 14, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Polynesia  //  1 Comment

13th Oct 2012 – Bora Bora

A 1.7m long Moray Eel chased Avia as she snorkeled for the first time. When she saw the eel, she climbed up her dad’s back;  Eva called the eel police – David. He thought she’d said “seal” so reacted slowly. By the time he saw the Eel it was at arms length swimming to join its mate in the coral. Past flute fish it swam, past angle fish, parrot fish, jack fish, butterfly fish, birdrass and on into its coral cove.