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Huh? Quotes

Oct 14, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Quotes  //  1 Comment

1. “What I like most about the Cook Islanders is that [while we're called Canadians] they’re called COOKIES.” – Daniela

2. “When?”  Yannay, when asked by the US Border Police “how old are you?”

3. “Don’t be fooled by their cuteness” – Avia explaining that the Tahitian mini banana, though cute and seemingly wantable, still tastes like banana. And she ‘hates’ banana.

4. “You have four pieces of chocolate and three people. How do you divide the chocolate equally? ” Find another person.” – Avia in answer to Daniela’s math question.

5. Daniela on Auckland: “When I look outside, I see Vancouver.”

6. Sign seen in Bali: “Government Authorized Monkey Exchange” Finally, a place to swap my annoying monkey.  I think they meant money exchange, no k.

7. “Not pancakes for breakfast, again” – Avia. (pancakes are one of the two options for breakfast at most paces we stayed in Bali)