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Origin of Oceanean People

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Click to view presentation: Yannay’s_Polynesian_and_Melanesian_project

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South Pacific Islands

Mon 8th 10am – Visit Cook Islands Cultural Village

Tues 9th and 10th – Dive course Roratonga, Cook Islands

Fri 12th – 19th Sail catamaran between Ruahine, French Polynesia and Bora Bora

Dive Bora Bora

Horseride on Huahine Island, French Polynesia

20th Explain what the International Date Line is. (One page essay. Mention Greenwich Mean Time and it’s history)

21st Cross the International Date Line  (travel one day forward in time).

Auckland, NZ

23rd  – Tour Auckland Zoo

Edit your video see item 9 in Sept.



25th Discover Katoomba and Leura by bike

26th Abseil and bushwalk the Blue Mountain Area west of Sydney. Katoomba

28th Visit Featherdale Wildlife Park and Murru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Center.

Read Australian Author Tim Winton – Cloud St (1991).

                                                              Watch 7 part video. geography of Australia

 Do some math and science.

Visit Sydney Aquarium

Snorkel Shelley Beach

South Pacific Island Life and Biome

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South Pacific

1. Investigate origin of peoples and the populating of the south pacific. (presentation 3 – 6 pages) use photos and illustrations. (19 and 20 Sept ) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

2. What is El Nino, La Nino? (up to one page essay on each) (23 Sept) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

3. Extreme Islands of the South Pacific: McQuarie Island, Galapagos, Easter Island (Rapa Nui) , Hawaii (Ocean of Islands). Video and Discussion. What are they famous for: (points) (30 Sept ?)

4. Coral Reefs: what is coral, where is it found, enemies, allies, marine life of south pacific. (Choose 3 photos and explain verbally) (by the 27th Sept) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

5. The Coconut. List the uses of the coconut and show photos or illustrations of uses. (24 Sept ) See Projects:  Yannay  |   Daniela

6. View the BBC Video Fragile Paradise (take the quiz) (28 Sept )

7. View the BBC Video Ocean of Volcanoes (life on volcanoes) (take the quiz) ( 28 Sept )

8. Choose a topic for making and editing a 3min video in South Pacific Islands


1. (10min)


4. Read:


First Nations of the Pacific Northwest

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First Nations of the Pacific Northwest

a. Read Firsts Nations of BC. ( 18 Sept ) take the quiz.

b. Guided tour of the Museum of Anthropology (25th Sept)

c. Guided tour of the Royal BC Museum

d.  Course: Architecture: Museum as Muse (25th Sept) is designed to encourage students to actively observe and respond to built environments and to respond to the Museum in new ways. During this program, students explore and discuss the relationship between design and function in contrasting exhibition spaces at MOA, and in a selection of acclaimed international museums. This program aims to introduce students to multiple aspects of architecture design – light, size, color, sound, mood, space, flow – and to consider ways that cultural traditions and environmental conditions affect design.

Pacific Northwest Biome

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Pacific Northwest Biome

a. Visit Royal BC Museum, (14 Sept )

b. Visit Vancouver Aquarium (BBC Earth’s The Great Salmon Run 4-D , Guided Tour of Treasures of the BC Coast, Pacific Canada Pavilion) (Read the Salmon book) ( 21st Sept ).

Watch (4mins) (5 mins)

Biomes of The World

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Biomes Project. ( submit 16 Sept)

a. Read about the types of biomes. Collect photos and graphs of each biome. Try to use places you’ve visited. Describe four things about each biome picture.

b. Fulfill the biome missions at ( before 16 Sept )

View Assignments:  Yannay | Daniela